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Playing Online Craps Game

Although less known than baccarat , poker or blackjack , craps is a very popular money game nowadays. In casinos, as in online gaming sites, craps becomes one of the most popular games for players. There are also many people who want to learn it and know the basics of the game. Today we will give you some basic rules you need to know about craps, how to take part in the game, and what you need to know. and take into account, since we are dealing with a gambling and money game.

Craps is a game of dice introduced in various countries during the eighteenth century. It is played with two dice, a green and a red, on a special table that can gather a dozen players. In craps, all participants must roll the dice in turn. For each thrower, the goal is to take stock, in the first phase and to redo the point in the second phase of the game. The other participants will play either as the thrower, that is to say agree with the score that the thrower will get, either against the thrower. Participants who play as the pitcher are those who play "pass" while those who play against him play "do not pass", referring to the pass line.

Craps is divided into two phases. In the first, the pitcher tries to pass the pass line. To do this, he must get a seven or eleven, throwing the dice. If he manages to make a seven or eleven, he won, as well as all those who played like him. Therefore, it is those who played "do not pass" who lost. Obtaining a three, a two, a twelve means doing a "craps". In this sense, the caster loses the game and is no longer allowed to roll the dice. It is against those who played "do not pass" who will be paid by the dealer. Obtaining a four, a five, a six, an eight, a nine or a ten determines the point. If the pitcher gets to play one of these numbers, we say he has made the point, so we go to the second phase of the game.

During the second phase, the thrower tries to redo the point, that is to say, to obtain the same value as that which he obtained when he made the point. He can roll the dice as many times as he wants. If he manages to redo the point, he wins the game; if he makes a seven, he loses the game, so his role is passed to another player. It is those who played against him who win the bets. Obtaining other values ??in addition to the seven and the point allows the caster to continue rolling the dice as many times as necessary. When the thrower has finished playing, the dealer pays the winners, picks up the losers bet, and the game starts again from the beginning.

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